This Cookie Policy (“Policy”) applies the website operated by Eryap Mühendislik İnşaat Taahhüt Tur.San.Tic. A.Ş.and is published to explain which cookies are used on the site and how users can manage their relevant preferences.

1. Cookies (Identification Information)

Identification Information or "Cookies" are small pieces of text stored in computers, tablets, phones and similar devices in order to ensure proper web site services, to improve user experience, to improve and optimize the web site, to provide customized content and advertisement, to provide an interesting and personalized web site/application and advertising portfolio for visitors. Cookies may be considered identity cards for the users that let the web site know that the user is visiting again.

The contents of cookies are determined server side. When the user visits the same site again, the identification information previously stored in the user's device is used by the server.

Cookies are basically classified in two groups: 'session' cookies and 'permanent' cookies. Session cookies are temporary cookies that are stored until the user leaves the web site, and contains information that is retained and used by the web site during the user's visit on the site. Permanent cookies are cookies that are stored even after the visitor leaves the web site. Such cookies allow the web server to recognize the user when they visit again and may contain some personal information that may be used to identify the visitor.

2. Which cookies do we use?

Eroglu usually uses anonymous cookies to ensure the proper functioning of its web sites and to allow its users to browse its web site using all of its features.

Eroglu collects identifying information through its web sites by tracking the visitor's IP address, browsing data and/or usage history for the said web sites in order to provide customized advertisement, promotions and marketing offers to visitors and their interests, to customize the contents of the said sites for the visitor and/or to determine user preferences.

Personal data collected through Eroglu web sites are not used to identify the relevant people in any manner.

2.1 Mandatory Cookies

These cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of our web site and allow our visitors to browse our web site using all of its features. Cookies are also stored to remember preferences made on the visit, membership and other information when you switch between pages in the same session or when you revisit our site after some time and resume from where you left.

Functionality These cookies allow us to remember you in order to resume membership and similar functions from where you left when you switch between pages during a session or revisit our web site after some time.
Cloudfare Security These cookies are used to disable any security limitation based on the visitor's IP address. This doesn't correspond to any user ID in the web application, it doesn't store personal information in the cookie.
CONSENT Functionality Used to determine whether the visitor agreed to the cookie policies.

2.2 Functional and Analytical Cookies

These cookies allow us to collect information about your actions during your visit (links with highest number of clicks, most visited pages, number of error messages, etc.) personal data including your device's IP address in order to analyze them to eliminate errors, improve or develop our web site.

Google Analytics Analytical This cookie is used by Google Analytics to identify a page using a random and unique number created by Google Analytics. It is included into every page request from the site and is used to calculate visitor and session data (including IP Address) for site analytics reports.
Youtube Functionality Used by YouTube to store and display video content. These cookies are set by YouTube to track the usage of its own services. Additionally, it is used to display videos based on the location information of the visiting user. Youtube cookies are loaded only when the play button is pressed.

2.3 Targeting/Advertisement Cookies

These cookies collect information about your internet browsing habits in order to display ads according to your interests. They are also used to limit the number of times you see an advertisement and to help measure the effectiveness of the ad campaign. These are placed by advertising networks with the permission of the web site owner. Such cookies remember that you visited the web site and may share this information with third party organizations such as advertisers.

Facebook Advertisement These cookies store the Facebook ID and browser ID of the user visiting the site using Facebook Social extension in an encrypted manner.
Google Targeting These cookies are used to select ads based on their relevance to the user, to improve campaign performance reports and to measure advertising activity and display advertisements based on the site visitors' locations, and to prevent displaying ads that the user has already seen.
DoubleClick These cookies are used to select ads based on their relevance to the user, to improve campaign performance reports and to measure advertising activity and display advertisements based on the site visitors' locations, and to prevent displaying ads that the user has already seen.
Linkedin Targeting/Advertising These cookies may be used to identify you, remember your preferences and to offer a personalized experience in line with your settings when you visit LinkedIn. Cookies also make your interactions with LinkedIn faster and more secure. Furthermore, cookies allow us to offer you advertisement on and off LinkedIn, and offer you customized features such as the "Share" button through LinkedIn extensions.

3. Managing Cookie Settings in your Browser

Although many browsers automatically accept cookies, you don't have to. Furthermore, you can remove previously accepted cookies in your browser settings. The location of these settings vary according to the browser you are using. You can find the relevant setting using the links below, or by using the "Help" command of your browser.


By visiting Eroglu's web sites, you consent to the use of cookies in accordance with this Policy. If you don't want to accept the cookies used in our web sites, you can reject any or all of these cookies. In case you reject permanent cookies or session cookies, you may not be able to access all the functionality of our web sites or your access may be restricted. Therefore, our web sites may not function as intended, or you may experience disruptions in the provision of the services you request.

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4. Security

To ensure secure access to the contents of our web sites, we provide the highest level of security offered by technology through our servers. Furthermore, we take the necessary measures to ensure the secure storage of the information you provided, to maintain its integrity, and to store it as long as its intended use requires. Although we take technical security measures, you hereby agree to the risks arising from the nature of online messaging and online shopping. Purchases you make through the site are subject to the relevant conditions specified in the relevant sites.

5. Disclaimer

We may offer links to a wide range of web sites and may publish third party advertisements on our sites. Eroglu is not responsible for the contents of web sites it doesn't own or belonging to advertiser third parties or their privacy policies or manners in which they process user information. Particularly, unless expressly stated otherwise, we do not broker for these web sites or advertisers and are not authorized to engage in any promotional activities on their behalf.